Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tips for Beauty Hair with Aloe Vera

I am sure you all know Aloe Vera (Indonesian named Lidah Buaya, literary means Crocodile tongue). This plant also famous with its multipurpose use, for beauty and health.

Here, I want to share simple steps of using Aloe Vera to have beautiful hair. It is based on my experience when I was in my Senior High School. 

When I was 5 - 15 years old, my hair is limp, red, and thin per strand, which are not include the type of beautiful hair for Asian girl. Beautiful hair according to Asian girl is thick, black and shiny.

In my 16 years old, or during my Senior High, I stayed in dormitory, which is surrounded by big and fertile Aloe Vera's garden. And also the students had free time twice a week, on Thursday and Sunday. That was the time when I started using Aloe Vera for my hair treatment. Usually, I used my free times for hair & beauty care :). Because this is about hair care, let's focus on it.

Here is the way I applied the method:
1. I cut 1 big piece of Aloe Vera, and wash it. Then I cut it crosswise into several pieces, around 5 cm each, and divided each pieces into two wide parts.
2. Then, I chopped the jelly part until it was juicy.
3. After that, apply and rub the jelly part on to your scalp and made light massage on your scalp. It felt cool when it touched the scalp. Especially during the dry season, when your head and hair felt limp, oily, and hot, massage using Aloe Vera gel gives a sensational and cooling down feeling. Just like finding an oasis in the desert :).
4. When rubbing and massaging all over the scalp and hair with Aloe Vera gel was finished, I wrapped my head with a small towel, and kept it for about half or one hour, while I had feet or face treatment :p.
5. After that, I just wash my hair clean. 

The result is not directly visible. But after one semester I went home for a Semester holiday, my family said that my hair is thicker per strand, and also black and shiny. Although not fluffy, because the type of my hair is straight and oily, so it is hard to get fluffy hair.

That's all the tips to get thicker strand and shinny-healthy hair. Do you want to start planting Aloe Vera? As I wrote above, it is multipurpose plant. :)
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