Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tips to Keep the Smell of Your Perfume Last Longer

For me, perfume is important. It gives good smell to my surrounding, It also as an interpretation of someone’s character (that is what perfume master said :)). It is increasing my confidence, even without perfume, I am a confident woman. Perfume is very important for me because it is very expensive. That is why; I have to keep the fragrance last longer, because gradually the scent will reduce. It just like wasting my money for nothing, if the perfume became scentless, right?

According to Fragrance Foundation, global organization which focusing on perfume industry, the best way to keep perfume is put it in a cupboard/drawer with room temperature, and better keep it inside its box. 

These are some reasons why perfume can be scentless or changing colors and some tips on how to keep perfume

  1. Perfume has sensitive contents to heat, cold, drastic changing temperature, direct  sun light , and humidity. So it will not good if you keep or put your perfume in car, on the table, in the refrigerator, or in the bathroom. In the car or on the table, it may expose directly to the sunlight and the heat. In the refrigerator, it is too cold and caused temperature fluctuation when you take it out and put it back into the refrigerator.  Only cologne which is suitable to keep in the refrigerator. In the bathroom, sometime we take a bath using hot water, the steam from the water can cause oxidation and color changing to the perfume.
  2. The better to keep perfume is inside the cupboard or drawer. Don’t forget to put the perfume inside its original box first, to prevent it from direct sun light.
  3. Perfume in dark/blur color bottle stays longer than perfume in light-color/transparent bottle. Because the dark color bottle prevents it from direct sun light.
  4. I know perfume bigger bottle means you do not have buy perfume frequently and seems saving more money. However, it is better to buy perfume in smaller bottle, because if we buy bigger bottle, and we unappropriate in keeping it, it will reduce the content and the smell.
Those are some tips on keeping perfume, so it smells good longer. Hopefully it’s useful for you all. Have nice try :)

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  • June 13, 2012 at 9:27 PM
    reina says:

    I will apply some of the tips mentioned here.. thanks for sharing...

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