Saturday, March 23, 2013

Be Smart Teacher

Sorry for long absent :)

I have new profession, actually. I am a teacher now, an English teacher. I teach private senior high school in Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia. Because of this new profession, I still try to adapt with the rhythm of the work, the other administration jobs that must be done by teachers, etc. 
Last 2 weeks, were the hectic time for teachers. We have try out for the National final Exam for the 12th grade. The midterm test for the 10th and 11th grade. A few days later after the test we have to present the mid term report to parents and students... :) Fiuhhhh...

At the first time, it was quite stressing. In fact, teacher jobs are not only teaching. It is kind of 20-hour job per day. Beside teaching, we have to prepare the materials, we have to study again, we have to do the administrative jobs: fill in the score, analyze it, fill it into the student's progress report book, give feedback, etc. We also have to make the daily test/quizzes and correct them. Through that experience, now I become more and more respect to all of my teachers and parents, who are teachers too.
Because of the stressing jobs, that is why since last semester, I learned and tried to make my job easier.

To find the material sources:
  • active look and ask for material archives to other teachers and school archives.
  • Go to book store, hunting for workbooks and other related books.
  • Browsing
To make the study and the teacher's work efficient and effective:
  • After teaching hour, do the administrative jobs little by little. So there won't be too many jobs.
  • If there are several homeworks or quiz, do the correction and the discussion with the students. So there won't be piles of papers to be corrected.
  • Try to dig the students knowledge and ability by asking questions or ask them to open the book as the answers.
  • During the session, sometimes you need to chill down a bit. Give extra time for students to be relaxed. For examples, using games during study, and play music when the students do exercises.
Like I had mentioned in the title, "Be Smart Teacher", actually being a teacher no need high score for IQ. At least the teacher know how to make the students active in class, to find and to be creative using their guidebooks and workbooks.

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