Friday, March 30, 2012

How to Recognize Bad Fever & Tips to Overcome It

Dear bloggers and friends, sorry for the last few weeks, I haven’t up load any new articles. It is caused my baby boy got bad fever for several days, and he had to be treated at the hospital for 6 days :(

It is very common in Indonesia, during the Pancaroba Season, many people get ill. Pancaroba Season is a season in between the changing seasons (Indonesia has two seasons: Dry and Rainy Seasons). Usually on February – April is Pancaroba Season from Dry to Rainy Season, and on October – December is Pancaroba Season from Rainy to Dry Season. And my baby is one of those people who got ill.

Through this experience, I would like to share about how to recognize bad fever, and then some tips how to overcome it. I call it bad fever, because sometimes, when my son got fever, he still ate & drank milk as usual and also still played with his friends & toys. But this bad fever caused the opposite conditions to my baby.

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Friday, March 2, 2012


I like colorful clothes. I have blouses, shirts, short pants, skirts in green, red, yellow, brown, black, white, etc. But one thing that made me up set with colorful clothes, after a while the color turns fade, or for t-shirt sometimes it becomes stretching. For example, my favorite green short turns to brownish, my favorite white t-shirt turns to a bit yellow, and my red tank top turns to be a bit oranges.

I don’t know the cause, whether the wrong way of washing, or because of the detergent, or because of the material itself, or etc. After that, I made a ‘kind of’ conclusion (because I am not sure whether it is valid or not, because this is based from my own experience from the way I washed and the detergent that I used). From that ‘kind of’ conclusion, I conclude some tips how to make old clothes looks new (Hopefully these experiences work for you)

1.    Do not use “cheap” detergent.
I know it is cheaper for monthly cost, if we bought cheap detergent; but in other hand, the cost for buying clothes is higher (causal law). It is better to use qualified detergent for washing your clothes.

2.    Separate the laundry
I am sure our mother always reminded us to separate the laundry; the white one with the color clothes. It is better to separate those laundries into several parts, such as:
•    White clothes
•    Bright color clothes (such as red, pink, yellow, blue, green, purple, etc… like the color of rainbow actually :) )
•    Dark color clothes (such as black, gray, dark blue, dark green, etc.)
•    Soft clothes (such as lingerie, silk clothes, bikini, etc)
•    Heavy laundry (such as thick jacket, blanket, bed cover, towel, etc)
•    Oily or very dirty laundry (such as stove napkin, towel doormat, etc)

3.    Do not wash it too often
If you just wear a blouse only just for 2 – 3 hours, you may just hang it and get it windy (not if that blouse got dirty with food stain, blood, or mud, etc), because by washing too often affected the quality of the material and the color of the clothes.

4.    Try not using washing machine and drying machine
From my experiences, some of my t-shirt became stretched after washed in washing machine. So it is better for you to hand-wash stretch-materials clothes, such as t-shirt, sport clothes, cardigans, etc. Beside stretched, the color turned fade too. I know that it is easy and safe energy if you washing with machine, but… I’m not able to wear my favorite clothes for long time.

Do I have to buy more than 1 clothe for the clothes that I like?? I don’t think so. May be just by applying these tips, help you safe your favorite clothes :)
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