Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tips for Beauty Hair with Aloe Vera

I am sure you all know Aloe Vera (Indonesian named Lidah Buaya, literary means Crocodile tongue). This plant also famous with its multipurpose use, for beauty and health.

Here, I want to share simple steps of using Aloe Vera to have beautiful hair. It is based on my experience when I was in my Senior High School. 

When I was 5 - 15 years old, my hair is limp, red, and thin per strand, which are not include the type of beautiful hair for Asian girl. Beautiful hair according to Asian girl is thick, black and shiny.

In my 16 years old, or during my Senior High, I stayed in dormitory, which is surrounded by big and fertile Aloe Vera's garden. And also the students had free time twice a week, on Thursday and Sunday. That was the time when I started using Aloe Vera for my hair treatment. Usually, I used my free times for hair & beauty care :). Because this is about hair care, let's focus on it.

Here is the way I applied the method:
1. I cut 1 big piece of Aloe Vera, and wash it. Then I cut it crosswise into several pieces, around 5 cm each, and divided each pieces into two wide parts.
2. Then, I chopped the jelly part until it was juicy.
3. After that, apply and rub the jelly part on to your scalp and made light massage on your scalp. It felt cool when it touched the scalp. Especially during the dry season, when your head and hair felt limp, oily, and hot, massage using Aloe Vera gel gives a sensational and cooling down feeling. Just like finding an oasis in the desert :).
4. When rubbing and massaging all over the scalp and hair with Aloe Vera gel was finished, I wrapped my head with a small towel, and kept it for about half or one hour, while I had feet or face treatment :p.
5. After that, I just wash my hair clean. 

The result is not directly visible. But after one semester I went home for a Semester holiday, my family said that my hair is thicker per strand, and also black and shiny. Although not fluffy, because the type of my hair is straight and oily, so it is hard to get fluffy hair.

That's all the tips to get thicker strand and shinny-healthy hair. Do you want to start planting Aloe Vera? As I wrote above, it is multipurpose plant. :)
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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tips How To Reduce Burn Flavor In the Mouth?


I love hot & spicy food, with a lot of chilies. Sometime, it rises my appetite. So, when I felt I have no appetite to eat, I will make or buy hot and spicy food. Because I am Indonesian, I really love sambal, especially sambal terasi (shrimp paste sambal), and eat it with salty fish and hot rice... hmmmm, very-very yummy. 
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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Keep your Vegetable fresh in the refrigerator

Because I am a working mother, I am quite busy in the morning to prepare the cooking ingredients. Sometimes, I forgot that I have water spinach or other vegetables in my refrigerator until its dried :) then I have to throw them away :( .
After that, I felt sorry, because I know there are many people hungry out there. It is hard for them to get food, but I waste mine away...

That is why, I try to find some ways so the vegetable and other food which I storage in the refrigerator won't be wasted away.
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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Simple Steps To Look Pretty Everyday


For working women, sometimes they do not have enough time to have make-up. Especially if they are also mothers. They need to prepare breakfast for the family, preparing their children to go to school, bathing the baby, etc…etc…etc… (Such a very crowded morning). Even though, they have lots of things to do in the early day, it does not mean that they can’t look pretty during the day. There are some simple ways to be beautiful and stylish.

Here are the tips:

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Tips to Pack and Prepare for Your Child-birth


The baby’s birth is the time which eagerly waiting to all new mothers, especially for the first child. They feel anxious but also happy at the same time. Usually, when the time to give birth comes, new mommy might feel a little bit panic, so they forgot everything that might be needed in giving birth at the hospital or clinic. They usually only focusing on the process of giving birth (but based on my experience, I even couldn’t focus at all :).
Just to make sure that you will not forget anything you need for giving birth, it is better for you to prepare few weeks or months before. Here are some lists and tips, which might be useful for new mommy in preparing things that might be needed during the delivery process.

It is better for new mothers to be, to pack from the 28th of pregnancy, or around 6.5 months. Even though we are not except it, but there is possibility that the baby born prematurely. If you already prepared, it makes you not to worry of forgetting what you might need.

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Shopping List for Your Newborn Baby


Shopping for your newborn baby is an exciting and fun time. But sometimes we hog wild, and bought too much stuffs. One thing that you should remember that newborn baby grows very fast. If you buy too much for newborn baby, you will notice that your baby does not have a chance to wear gorgeous clothes that you bought for him/her. Some of the times, your friends and relatives also give clothes or newborn baby’s needs as a gift. Generally, newborn baby spends their time wearing comfortable cotton clothes.

Here are some shopping lists, as guidance for new mommy when they shopping for their newborn baby’s needs or at least a list of baby’s needs for the first 0 – 3 months old.  

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Best Ways to Run A Business

Many people want to be great entrepreneurs, but they have difficulties in starting a business.

Below, there are some ways to run a business:

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Tips for Cleaning Your Window or Mirror

First, prepare all the materials: dishwasher soap, sponge, old newspaper, clean cloth, and water. When everything is prepared, let us start cleaning up.

If the dust on you window glass or mirror is too thick, try to remove the dust with feather broom after that splas the mirror and window with water. Then, pour half cup of water and mix with one teaspoon of dishwasher soap (in Indonesia, for example Sunlight or Mama Lemon). After that rub the mirror or window with soap liquid, use sponge to rub, and rub it in circle movement. Do not rinse it, just directly clean the soap on the glass with the newspaper. The old newspaper also dry the glass. After that, for finishing, clean it with clean cloth.

Applying this method is much more effective and cleaner than using mirror cleanser liquid and wiper.

Now, your window is clean and shinny 
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Tips for Cleaning Crust in Teapot or Glass


To clean crusty glass, first pour half glass hot boiled water and then pour one tea spoon of citric acid. If you do not have citric acid, you can use two limes juice. Stir it, and leave it for one or two hours. After that wash the glass.

If you want to clean up crusty teapot, first pour water around half of the teapot, and add one table spoon of citric acid or three limes juice. After that boil the teapot until it boiled. Then wait until it cold. After that was the teapot. If the crust is too thick, you can repeat the process.

Have a nice try. 

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Tips for Cleaning Leather shoes

For preparation, you will need leather cleaner, clean cloth, shoes brush.

First of all, clean your shoes with clean cloth, to clean the dust. After that apply the leather cleaner with shoes brush. Brush smoothly in circle way on all surface. After that clean it again with clean cloth, backward and forward way.

After you clean it, put it in cloth bag, then keep it in the cupboard or shelves. It is better that you clean your shoes right after you use it.
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How to Maintain Leather Stuffs?

For some people, they like leather stuffs, such as bags, shoes, wallets, jackets, etc. It is because leathers are cool and luxurious. But some people do not know how to maintain leather, so sometimes their leathers become dry and cracking, even mold.

So, how is leather maintenance? First thing you must know is that leather is made from living things skin. That is why leather stuffs need to be moisture (like skin), so it won’t dry and cracking. You can use leather polish, which commonly sell at the supermarket.

Here are the processes to clean leathers. First, clean the leather from dust using clean cloth. After that, use leather polish, rubbed smoothly using sponge or brush. Besides moisture your leather stuffs, leather polish also makes your stuffs clean and shiny.

When you already clean it, you also have to pay attention on the way how you keep it. The better way to keep leather stuffs is to put it in a cloth bag. Why cloth bag? Because, cloth bag allows air circulation, so your stuffs keep fresh and minimize the fungus growth.

It is important that you clean your leather stuffs after you use them.
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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

How to clean glue stain?

Sometimes you have problem with glue stain on your mirror or on any surface of your tools. For example, there is glue stain after you pull a tape or price label on your new spoon, and it left glue stain. Of course it becomes a problem when you want to eat with it, and there's a glue stain, even when you already wash it.
Actually it is easy to clean. First, you need to prepare clean cloth or cotton balls, and kayu putih oil or baby oil. After that, pour some kayu putih oil or baby oil on to your clean cloth or cotton balls, and then rub in circle way on the stain. When it is already clean from glue stain, and then just wash it. If it is electronic tools, just wipe the oil with clean cloth or cotton balls.
Have a nice try :)
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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Travel Tips

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How to start your business from home?


If you interesting to have a business, why are you not try to build your own business from home? Having a business at home could give you many advantages, but you have to make sure that the business is suitable with your house condition and the characteristic of your business itself. For sure, the best decision is in your hand as the entrepreneur. If it is not qualified to have a business at home, do not push it. Otherwise, if it is possible to have a business at home, it will be great, because you can get many advantages. 

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