Wednesday, July 6, 2011

How to clean glue stain?

Sometimes you have problem with glue stain on your mirror or on any surface of your tools. For example, there is glue stain after you pull a tape or price label on your new spoon, and it left glue stain. Of course it becomes a problem when you want to eat with it, and there's a glue stain, even when you already wash it.
Actually it is easy to clean. First, you need to prepare clean cloth or cotton balls, and kayu putih oil or baby oil. After that, pour some kayu putih oil or baby oil on to your clean cloth or cotton balls, and then rub in circle way on the stain. When it is already clean from glue stain, and then just wash it. If it is electronic tools, just wipe the oil with clean cloth or cotton balls.
Have a nice try :)

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