Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tips to Keep the Smell of Your Perfume Last Longer

For me, perfume is important. It gives good smell to my surrounding, It also as an interpretation of someone’s character (that is what perfume master said :)). It is increasing my confidence, even without perfume, I am a confident woman. Perfume is very important for me because it is very expensive. That is why; I have to keep the fragrance last longer, because gradually the scent will reduce. It just like wasting my money for nothing, if the perfume became scentless, right?

According to Fragrance Foundation, global organization which focusing on perfume industry, the best way to keep perfume is put it in a cupboard/drawer with room temperature, and better keep it inside its box. 

These are some reasons why perfume can be scentless or changing colors and some tips on how to keep perfume

  1. Perfume has sensitive contents to heat, cold, drastic changing temperature, direct  sun light , and humidity. So it will not good if you keep or put your perfume in car, on the table, in the refrigerator, or in the bathroom. In the car or on the table, it may expose directly to the sunlight and the heat. In the refrigerator, it is too cold and caused temperature fluctuation when you take it out and put it back into the refrigerator.  Only cologne which is suitable to keep in the refrigerator. In the bathroom, sometime we take a bath using hot water, the steam from the water can cause oxidation and color changing to the perfume.
  2. The better to keep perfume is inside the cupboard or drawer. Don’t forget to put the perfume inside its original box first, to prevent it from direct sun light.
  3. Perfume in dark/blur color bottle stays longer than perfume in light-color/transparent bottle. Because the dark color bottle prevents it from direct sun light.
  4. I know perfume bigger bottle means you do not have buy perfume frequently and seems saving more money. However, it is better to buy perfume in smaller bottle, because if we buy bigger bottle, and we unappropriate in keeping it, it will reduce the content and the smell.
Those are some tips on keeping perfume, so it smells good longer. Hopefully it’s useful for you all. Have nice try :)
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Thursday, June 7, 2012


The way to increase Page Rank and  blog traffic speed is only for those who want higher Page Rank and higher blog traffic speed instantly on their blogs. Here is the way to increase Page Rank and traffic blog speed instantly by spreading links using Multi Level Marketing (MLM). I know you must be wandered. MLM??? It sounds weird, but its really works. You don’t believe it yet? Just try this tips “How to Increase Page Rank on Blog” in other words SEO Technique.

This time I like to show you how to use the advantage of multiply and the speed of this spreading in the format of FREE BACKLINK. It’s quite easy actually. All you have to do is put these links in your blogs or post it in your articles. You may COPY-PASTE all directly from this article to your blog.

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This is how it works: first, you put your blog link with the rest of the anchor text (just the same order which shown above. One thing you must remember is that DO NOT LOOSES THOSE BLOG LINKS); then you erase the list no. 23, then the other links grade come up + 1. For example, Link “Tips & Solutions Yolah” now is no. 1, so it becomes no.2, link “Diary Melda” now is no.2, then it becomes no. 3, and do the same thing to the rest of the links. After that, put your own blog link at the no.1 position (right on top).
If each link able to get 5 other blogs to do same thing, then the number of backlink that you will get is:

When your blog position is on no. 1, the number of backlink is 1.
Position no. 2, the number of backlink = 5
Position no. 3, the number of backlink = 25
Position no. 4, the number of backlink = 125
Position no. 5, the number of backlink = 625
Position no. 6, the number of backlink = 3.125
Position no. 7, the number of backlink = 15.625
Position no. 8, the number of backlink = 78.125
Position no. 9, the number of backlink = 390.625
Position no. 10, the number of backlink = 1.953.125

If your link is already on the 10th position, and all using the keyword (anchor text) that you want, from the SEO side, you already get 1,935,125 backlink and the effect is extraordinary, if your web visitors, or your down-line, such as in MLM, clicking the link, automatically your blog will get extra traffic.

So, please, you may copy paste this article “HOW TO INCREASE PAGE RANK ON BLOG” and erase the 23rd position, after that put your link blog/website on the 1st position. Remember, you must start from the 1st position to get maximum result.

Have a nice try :)
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Friday, April 27, 2012

Tips to Make Your Baby Sleep Well at Night


I’ve read a magazine (I forget the name of the magazine; it is about ‘mommy & kids’ magazine). It is said that during sleeping time, the baby's brain cells are developed and grown, especially at the golden years (1 – 3 years old). So that is why, deep sleep is good for baby’s brain growth

However, there is one thing as a big problem for mommies (especially me, actually), because my baby already learn to play, by himself or with his friends, sometimes he refuse to go to sleep. He wants to play :). That is why; I have to find some ways to make my baby sleep with enough time and sleep well at night.
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Friday, March 30, 2012

How to Recognize Bad Fever & Tips to Overcome It

Dear bloggers and friends, sorry for the last few weeks, I haven’t up load any new articles. It is caused my baby boy got bad fever for several days, and he had to be treated at the hospital for 6 days :(

It is very common in Indonesia, during the Pancaroba Season, many people get ill. Pancaroba Season is a season in between the changing seasons (Indonesia has two seasons: Dry and Rainy Seasons). Usually on February – April is Pancaroba Season from Dry to Rainy Season, and on October – December is Pancaroba Season from Rainy to Dry Season. And my baby is one of those people who got ill.

Through this experience, I would like to share about how to recognize bad fever, and then some tips how to overcome it. I call it bad fever, because sometimes, when my son got fever, he still ate & drank milk as usual and also still played with his friends & toys. But this bad fever caused the opposite conditions to my baby.

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Friday, March 2, 2012


I like colorful clothes. I have blouses, shirts, short pants, skirts in green, red, yellow, brown, black, white, etc. But one thing that made me up set with colorful clothes, after a while the color turns fade, or for t-shirt sometimes it becomes stretching. For example, my favorite green short turns to brownish, my favorite white t-shirt turns to a bit yellow, and my red tank top turns to be a bit oranges.

I don’t know the cause, whether the wrong way of washing, or because of the detergent, or because of the material itself, or etc. After that, I made a ‘kind of’ conclusion (because I am not sure whether it is valid or not, because this is based from my own experience from the way I washed and the detergent that I used). From that ‘kind of’ conclusion, I conclude some tips how to make old clothes looks new (Hopefully these experiences work for you)

1.    Do not use “cheap” detergent.
I know it is cheaper for monthly cost, if we bought cheap detergent; but in other hand, the cost for buying clothes is higher (causal law). It is better to use qualified detergent for washing your clothes.

2.    Separate the laundry
I am sure our mother always reminded us to separate the laundry; the white one with the color clothes. It is better to separate those laundries into several parts, such as:
•    White clothes
•    Bright color clothes (such as red, pink, yellow, blue, green, purple, etc… like the color of rainbow actually :) )
•    Dark color clothes (such as black, gray, dark blue, dark green, etc.)
•    Soft clothes (such as lingerie, silk clothes, bikini, etc)
•    Heavy laundry (such as thick jacket, blanket, bed cover, towel, etc)
•    Oily or very dirty laundry (such as stove napkin, towel doormat, etc)

3.    Do not wash it too often
If you just wear a blouse only just for 2 – 3 hours, you may just hang it and get it windy (not if that blouse got dirty with food stain, blood, or mud, etc), because by washing too often affected the quality of the material and the color of the clothes.

4.    Try not using washing machine and drying machine
From my experiences, some of my t-shirt became stretched after washed in washing machine. So it is better for you to hand-wash stretch-materials clothes, such as t-shirt, sport clothes, cardigans, etc. Beside stretched, the color turned fade too. I know that it is easy and safe energy if you washing with machine, but… I’m not able to wear my favorite clothes for long time.

Do I have to buy more than 1 clothe for the clothes that I like?? I don’t think so. May be just by applying these tips, help you safe your favorite clothes :)
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Monday, February 20, 2012


First time being a Mommy, made me always look for information about nursery and taking care of a baby; I search through books, internet, my mother and mother-in-law, and from my friends’ experiences.
So, when my baby is about ready to eat other food than breast milk (around 6 months old), I also look for information on how to choose the right menu for my baby, the variation menu, and how to prepare and serve it.

I bought a book, entitled “Variasi Makanan Sehat Bayi” (Healthy Baby’s Meal Variations), written by Wied Harry Apriadji. Since it is written in Indonesian, I tried to translate it into English.

the cover & the pages are no longer smooth, too often read by mommy  & played by my son :)

my son tore the cover, because he wanted to read it too :)

In that book, instead of writing some baby’s food menus, Apriadji also wrote about some tips to prepare and serve baby’s food, and also the best way to choose baby’s food based on baby’s age and eating skills. But here, I only want to give general tips on how to prepare, serve and feed baby’s food.

1. Get used to wash your hand first, using hand soap, before you preparing the ingredients and the cooking utensils.
2. Prepare the ingredients which suitable for baby’s age and eating skill. For example: for 6 – 7 months old baby, it is better to be feed with liquid fruit juice; for 8 – 9 months old, it is better to be feed with smooth vegetable puree or smooth porridge, etc.
3. It is better for you to have separate baby’s cooking utensils with your regular cooking utensils. For example: small pan, small frying pan, small and bigger sieve, grater, knife, blender, etc. It is because when you cooked spicy food, the rest of the spicy taste in your cooking utensils would not affect the baby’s food.
4. Because the quantity of baby’s food only in small portion, it is better to have mini blender (special for baby) or hand blender. Usually it is sold at baby shops. But, if it is hard to get it, you can use the grinder of new-regular blender set only for blending your baby’s food.
5. Wash the ingredients before it is cooked. Wash it with flowing water, so the germs will wash away.
6. For meat, wash & cut it into the portion needed, then pack it in sealed container, after that put it in the freezer. Do not melt and chop it again. Because by melting it, it makes the bacteria grows.
7. For fruits juice or puree, it is better not adding any sugar. Let the baby learn the original flavor of fruits. It also helps to develop sensitivity the sense of taste. Besides, sugar will burden the work or baby’s pancreas and liver also will make your baby addicted to sweet.
8. Do not blow baby’s food when it is hot. Just let it cool down first before feed it to your baby. Because by blowing the food will transfer the germs from your mouth to the food then to the baby. Remind this also to your baby sitter, so she will be aware.
9. The last, although not the least, serve the baby food using cutleries special for baby, such as bowl, spoon, and glass. Sterilized those in boiled water before using them.

Well, those are some tips which I am able to summarize so far from the book.
Happy cooking and feeding for your baby, because cooking for your baby is challenging and fun :)
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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Tips Choosing Fresh Fish


At first, I was bad in choosing good-fresh fish with the bad one. They are look the same to me, as fish :). But then, one day I went to the market with my mother-in-law, we were going to buy fish. (Just for information, at that time I was pregnant, people said it is good for pregnant woman to eat fish, because fish contain Omega 3 and Omega 6, which are good for baby’s brain.)

At the market, I saw one small tuna. I like tuna. So I picked it up, and said to my in-law, “Ma, aku mau ini, sepertinya enak.” (“Ma, I want this fish, it looks yummy.”). Then my mother in law said, “Iihh, ini sudah tidak bagus. Yang ini saja, lebih segar.” (“No, not that one. It’s no longer good. This one is better & fresh.” She picked another fish, looked like tuna, but we called it kembung fish (sort of mackerel). (Well, I like kembung fish as well, so no problem for me if she changed the fish :) ). Then I asked her, how to figure out the good & fresh condition of a fish?

Then she told me this tips on how to choose fresh fish:
1.    Just see the gills. If the gills brightly red, it means that the fish is good. (While the tuna I’d chosen, the gills already a bit dark-pale-red and slimy too.)
2.    The eyes should be plumed and clear.
3.    The flesh should be springy and densely.
4.    The scales are bright and tight.
5.    The skin is not slimy.
6.    The smells not too fishy

Well at least those are the basic ways to choose fresh fish. I am still using those tips, when I bought fish for my family and my baby son. If it is too difficult to remember or to check all of those tips, usually I only checked the gills, eyes, and the body.

Well for all of you, enjoying in choosing nice fresh fish. Especially for mommy will-be :).
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Friday, January 6, 2012

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2012

Dear all,

Yolah Store and family throughTips Melda wishing you all :

 A Happy Christmas & Prosperous New Year 2012.

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