Friday, April 27, 2012

Tips to Make Your Baby Sleep Well at Night


I’ve read a magazine (I forget the name of the magazine; it is about ‘mommy & kids’ magazine). It is said that during sleeping time, the baby's brain cells are developed and grown, especially at the golden years (1 – 3 years old). So that is why, deep sleep is good for baby’s brain growth

However, there is one thing as a big problem for mommies (especially me, actually), because my baby already learn to play, by himself or with his friends, sometimes he refuse to go to sleep. He wants to play :). That is why; I have to find some ways to make my baby sleep with enough time and sleep well at night.

These are some tricks and tips I use:

  1. Just try to make routine activities before sleep, try always at the same time (mine starts at 8 pm). Such as brushing teeth, washing hands & foot, changing pajamas, read story, praying, etc. These activities also as baby’s alert that it is time to go to bed. Besides, my baby feels clean and comfort too.
  2. Usually an hour before my baby goes to bed; he eats his dinner or drink a bottle of milk. Because during sleep, the brain and the body grow, so the body needs enough and good nutrition. Beside, if you full, you can sleep well, right? And so is your baby :).
  3. Making sure that the bedroom temperature is nice and comfy, also the bed is clean. Because good temperature and clean bed makes your baby comfortable. If your baby feel comfortable, he able to sleep well :)
  4. Turn off the light. If afraid of dark, turn on a dim night lamp. Because dark room, makes sleepy, and good for the eyes to get rest too.
  5. Turn off the TV, because the sound from TV attracts my baby to watch it.
  6. Singing lullaby. By singing lullaby, sometime with gently patting, makes the baby calm and sleepy. If he calms, he able to sleep well.

Well, hopefully those tips and tricks that I used, help you to lull your baby to sleep well too. Good luck Mommies :)


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