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Tips to Pack and Prepare for Your Child-birth


The baby’s birth is the time which eagerly waiting to all new mothers, especially for the first child. They feel anxious but also happy at the same time. Usually, when the time to give birth comes, new mommy might feel a little bit panic, so they forgot everything that might be needed in giving birth at the hospital or clinic. They usually only focusing on the process of giving birth (but based on my experience, I even couldn’t focus at all :).
Just to make sure that you will not forget anything you need for giving birth, it is better for you to prepare few weeks or months before. Here are some lists and tips, which might be useful for new mommy in preparing things that might be needed during the delivery process.

It is better for new mothers to be, to pack from the 28th of pregnancy, or around 6.5 months. Even though we are not except it, but there is possibility that the baby born prematurely. If you already prepared, it makes you not to worry of forgetting what you might need.

For normal delivery, usually new mothers spend 2 or 3 days at the hospital. For delivery through operation, usually they spend around a week. You do not need to pack many of baby’s clothes, because usually the hospital prepared it. You only need to bring one set of baby’s clothes for going back home from hospital.

Below, the lists that you might need to pack:
  1. Shirts, with button at the front, around 5 – 7 pieces. Try to find comfortable shirts. One thing you should remember, you need to prepare 1 shirt for the labor and its disposable, because it will be dirty. 
  2. Cloth (Javanese or Indonesian usually use batik cloth) or sarong, around 5 – 6 pieces. The same as shirt, you need to prepare one for disposable cloth.
  3. Underwear. Just prepare lots of underwear,because after the delivery, you will need lots of panties. If you do not want to bother to wash the panties, you could prepare some boxes of disposable panties.
  4. Breast feeding bra, around 5 pieces.
  5. Stagen (Javanese long cloth, around 6 meter length, to wrap the hip up to the stomach) or corset.
  6. Maternity napkins 1 pack.
  7. 1 towel.
  8. Toiletries pack: soap (liquid soap is better), face wash, shampoo, tooth brush, and tooth paste (put into one pouch)
  9. Simple make-up and body treatment, so that you keep fresh and beautiful after the delivery. For example: hand & body lotion, perfume (optional), face moisturizer, face powder, lip balm or lipstick, and comb.
  10. 1 pair of slippers/sandals.
  11. 1 set of baby clothes; baby clothes, pant or diaper, baby gloves and socks, baby wrap or sleeping bag, baby’s hat, and baby carrier.
  12. Camera (photo or video camera) to record important and unforgettable moments.
  13. Your favorite CD. But, you have to make sure to the hospital, whether they have CD Player and allow you to turn it on during the delivery process.
Besides clothes and other equipments prepared in one bag, you need to prepare one more bag contains foods and drinks (this bag usually always forgotten to be prepared). This bag can be prepared by the husband or the other family members who accompany you to the hospital. And its better to be prepared right after go to the hospital. But, it is better for you to make the list, so that you won’t forget what you will bring in “panic” situation.  Here are the sample of the lists (this list is just a suggestion, you may make your own list):
  • Big bottle of mineral water.
  • Bent straw, you could ask some straw to the store or just buy one pack of it. It helps you to drink when you have to lie down.
  • Glass (better unbreakable glass, made of plastic or stainless steel)
  • Spoon and fork.
  • Bread (you also can eat bread during the delivery process, it helps you to get power and strength)
  • Milk or tea.
  • Chocolate candy bars (you can eat it during the delivery process or after, because chocolate can give you strength and it has the effect of relaxing and calming).
Do not forget to write down taxis’ number. You can save them in your cellphone, or attached it on to the refrigerator or next to your phone.

Well I hope those lists can help you in preparing your maternity.

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